What questions does a guardian ad litem ask?

Answer The GAL will first have an office visit with each parent and have a home visit at each household. They will ask what the concerns are for each parent and information on the history of your case. Th... Read More »

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How to Report a Guardian Ad Litem?

Family courts are increasingly using guardians ad litem to determine proper disposition of child custody cases. A guardian ad litem is a person hired by the courts to represent the child. They are ... Read More »

How to Appoint a Guardian ad Litem?

A guardian ad litem (GAL) is an attorney who represents children. A GAL is appointed by a judge in high-conflict custody cases and child abuse and neglect cases. A child in an abuse and neglect ca... Read More »

How to Remove a Guardian Ad Litem in Georgia?

A guardian ad litem in Georgia is an individual who is appointed to protect the rights and interests of a minor, who is called a ward. The guardian is appointed by a family court where there are an... Read More »

Guardian ad litem's role on appeal?

Limited as the appeal is based on evidence already presented at trial. The GAL has presented their report to the court. Even if the appeal claims the GAL was bias in their reporting, the appeal cou... Read More »