What quantity of omega 6 fertilizer do you use in the garden?

Answer There is some evidence that garlic has a beneficial effect in lowering blood cholesterol. Hippocrates first recommended garlic for the treatment of battle wounds, it has had a reputation for potent... Read More »

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Garden Fertilizer Application?

Applying fertilizer is an important step in the preparation of a new garden. It assures that any nutrient deficiency will be corrected and that the plants will get all they need to thrive. Even lan... Read More »

What is best natural garden fertilizer?

Rabbit droppings. it has organic fibers, and moisture that is a great fertilizer for any garden. i used it for my garden, and it worked wonders. I never had a better crop. you may want to get a rab... Read More »

How Much Garden Fertilizer to Apply?

Growing your own garden can be both a rewarding hobby and way of life. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of growing a successful garden is applying a good fertilizer. Fertilizer feeds your ... Read More »

Natural Fertilizer for a Garden?

According to the Colorado Master Gardener Program, "fertilizer" refers to a soil amendment that guarantees at least minimal percentages of the essential plant nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and po... Read More »