What quality makes a good dentist?

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Does HDMI cable quality makes any difference in picture quality?

Wow. Some truly uninformed answers here. First, when speaking of HDMI (or any digital cable for that matter), cable quality DOES NOT make a difference in picture quality. As long as a digital si... Read More »

How do you find a dentist in a country where they have high quality dental care at low prices?

%REPLIES% Answer You should check Dental Schools in your area. Alot of universities have dental schools where student dentists will treat the public, and the cost is 30% of that of a regular denti... Read More »

Hate how dentist makes small talk while I'm on the chair.?

most dentist will talk to you in an attempt to make you feel comfortable. You probably feel that you should be responding to his "one way conversation" while he is doing what he does best--for you... Read More »

Who makes the best quality A/V receiver?

Sony never truely made good A/V receivers .Yamaha is a better choice .So is Harman Kardon , Marantz .