What qualifies you to get a refurbished phone?

Answer What usually happens is when your existing phone gets damaged beyond repair, and you have the insurance policy for it, when you pay the deductible, one usually gets a refurbished mobile phone inste... Read More »

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What does a refurbished phone mean?

A refurbished phone means it is a used phone that has been repaired and restored to its original manufacturer's condition by a certified repair center authorized by the manufacturer. Once the resto... Read More »

If you have insurance on your phone do you get a brand new phone or a refurbished one?

you should get a new one, unless they can repair it.but most of the time a new one.

What is the difference between refurbished and non refurbished phones?

Should I buy a refurbished phone?

On One Hand: Refurbished Phones Cost Less.Refurbished phones are generally less expensive than brand new phones, anywhere from $50 to $100 cheaper. They've been restored to factory specifications b... Read More »