What purpose does the flower serve for the plant?

Answer Flowers are the reproductive part of a plant. They produce seeds and fruit. Some flowers have sweet nectar or are brightly colored to attract birds and insects. This helps to spread pollen from flo... Read More »

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What purpose does a wax ring serve?

A wax ring is used to seal a toilet to its drain pipe flange to prevent water from leaking. Over time the ring can deteriorate or fracture. A new wax ring is not expensive. Replacement is not compl... Read More »

What purpose does the cecum serve in humans?

The cecum is the first part of the large intestine, and is attached to the appendix. Its purpose is to absorb excess fluids and lubricate food with mucus to allow it to pass along the remainder of ... Read More »

What purpose does the british commonwealth serve in today's world?

I must to be honest. In the old days it was Empire day and it was on the 24th of may. They then changed it to Commonwealth and to be honest most people don't give a damm, except me, I love this cou... Read More »

What purpose do pop-up ads serve?

The purpose of pop-up ads is to gain the Internet user's attention by promising information, incentives or other benefits, according to WorkZ, a small-business resources website. As opposed to stan... Read More »