What purpose did the blockade serve the British?

Answer The Royal Navy used the blockade, or the use of ships to prevent another nation from engaging in trade or communications, to give Great Britain the advantage during wartime. The blockade could depr... Read More »

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What purpose does the british commonwealth serve in today's world?

I must to be honest. In the old days it was Empire day and it was on the 24th of may. They then changed it to Commonwealth and to be honest most people don't give a damm, except me, I love this cou... Read More »

What was the british blockade of boston?

The British blockade of Boston was ordered by Parliament in March of 1774 as a direct response to the Boston Tea Party that happened in December of 1773.PrologueAccording to a time line developed b... Read More »

When did the British blockade Germany in World War I?

The blockade of Germany by Britain began Nov. 3, 1914. The blockade, in the North Sea, was designed to prevent supplies from reaching Germany or its allies. It ended in June 1919 with the Treaty of... Read More »

What purpose do pop-up ads serve?

The purpose of pop-up ads is to gain the Internet user's attention by promising information, incentives or other benefits, according to WorkZ, a small-business resources website. As opposed to stan... Read More »