What property does the owner of a condo control?

Answer Read your governing documents to determine what you own and can therefore control personally, and what real estate assets you own in common with all other unit owners. The boundaries can be defined... Read More »

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Can the foreclosed former owner of a condo be charged with trespassing on condo property in Florida after the new certificate of title as been issued to the bank?

Since trespassing is a legal matter, you are best advised to contact your local police authority if you either want a definition of trespassing or want to press charges of trespassing.

Can one unit owner own a majority of a condo association property?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not this is possible within your association. Limitations may include lenders' positions on this issue.

Does an Illinois condo owner have to submit a claim on their own insurance even if damages were caused by another condo owner's water leak?

This kind of unfortunate situation that occurs in multi-family housing must be addressed on two levels: First, identify the source, stop the leak, repair what's causing it, and clean up the damage.... Read More »

Condo owner has not paid assocations fee's for six months can we file a property lien?

The powers of the Condominium Association regarding a default on condo fees should be set forth in the Master Deed, Rules and Regulations and Declaration of Trust if there is one. The procedure for... Read More »