What does it take to have a treaty ratified?

Answer The bay of pigs & the 9/11 attack

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When was the Pendleton Act ratified?

The Pendleton Civil Service Act, a federal law that created a merit-based system for selecting federal employees, was ratified on Jan. 16, 1883. Senator George Pendleton of Ohio sponsored the act a... Read More »

What is a promise to pay agreement?

A promissory note is another name for a promise to pay agreement. The purpose of a promise to pay agreement is to secure a loan between the lender and borrower. This written agreement consists of t... Read More »

The display of my desktop seems to flicker even under idle conditions. How can this problem be ratified?

Like other have said moving the Sub-Woofer and definatly a magnetic field could make things flicker .. just like your mobile phone if place close to you computer when it rings the disturbance is no... Read More »

What is your promise ring finger?