What programming languages should hackers know.?

Answer It depends on what the hacker is hacking. For websites a hacker would use PHP HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and SQLi. But the hacker wouldn't necessarily have to use all of them. But for things on a c... Read More »

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How to Learn Programming Languages from Books by Yourself?

The best way to learn a Programming Language is through online practice and through books, DVD's and online videos. If you want to learn programming languages this way, all that much more power to ... Read More »

How to Learn Computer Programming Languages?

Programming languages allow people to write instructions for a computer that are later compiled and changed into machine code that computers understand. They come in many flavors, development envir... Read More »

How to Become Skilled at Learning Programming Languages?

Learning more programming languages becomes progressively easier if you know more programming languages. That is, it becomes easier and easier to learn new languages each time you learn a new langu... Read More »

What are the programming languages used by NASA programmers?

They use all sorts, depending on which department or project is in question. Python is a notable example.