What programing code was used to create youtube?

Answer HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the client-side. For server side, there are many, many options, and no strong reason to choose any one of them over the others. PHP, Java, C#, Python, and Ruby are the... Read More »

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Does anyone have the code for programing a direct tv remote to an apex LD4086?

What is remote code for Dish Network vip 722k DVR for Silvania NB620SL1 Blu-ray for programing it as AUX?

I have provided the codes to program your 20.0 remote to your player. They are: 756, 798, 801, 804, 519, 554, 556, 567, 588, 594.The following are instructions for programming the remote and perfor... Read More »

How to Use the Pesum Code on YouTube?

This article will tell you how to use the Pesum code on YouTube. The pesum code is a popular code created by zabava100. It is a code that you can enter at the bottom of the description of your Yout... Read More »

How to Make a YouTube Video Playlist Code for MySpace?

You will need to utilize HTML code if you want to add a video playlist to your MySpace page. YouTube allows you to create playlists and then embed them on your own personal websites. You can embed ... Read More »