What program reads doc files?

Answer A Microsoft document is labeled as a ".Doc" file. All versions of Microsoft Word are capable of opening and editing .doc files. Additional programs can also open .doc files, including Microsoft Wo... Read More »

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What do I do when the Hannah Montana digi cam reads 65 pics, but program says there's none on the camera?

You can go to the camera in Windows, and get them manually. EDIT: My computer/removable disk (any letter), and there should be pictures. If not, then you should take it back to the store. Hope I co... Read More »

Is there a program that reads the scan documents and let you change the words on the document?

The program is Called FineReader. It recognizes the text and allows to convert images to office docs, where you'll be able to edit them.

Who here thinks the NSA reads your mail, reads your e-mails and taps your phone...?

I LOVE your question... and being NONE of the above makes me happy :) it means I have nothing to fear.

My copied dvd reads differently on dvd player and reads different on my computer?

I think you just didn't copy your dvd right,I mean the format of your copy-ed dvd is not fit your machine, or maybe there's some thing wrong with your copy software ,you can recopy it or try anoth... Read More »