What program opens mdi extensions?

Answer The file extension MDI stands for Microsoft Document Imaging. These types of files are opened with Microsoft Office Document Imaging. The program Microsoft Office Document Imaging is a part of Micr... Read More »

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What program opens a vcd file?

Depending on the type of vcd file, a number of different programs can open it. Copies of CDs or DVDs that use the vcd file extension are accessible with H+H Software Virtual CD, Roxio Creator 2010,... Read More »

What program opens a mdf file?

Many programs use the MDF extension for various purposes. Most commonly, MDF files are CD or DVD disk images similar to ISO files. Programs that can open these MDF files include Alcohol 120%, Cyber... Read More »

What program opens GED files?

A GED file extension usually indicates a GEDCOM Genealogy Data File. You can open GED files with a number of different programs, including the commercial programs Ancestral Author, Genbox Family Hi... Read More »

What program opens a jsp file?

To open a jsp file to for editing, you need a program capable of editing Java server pages like Richardson EditRocket or Eclipse, which are both available for Windows and Mac OS operating systems. ... Read More »