What program do you open Flash with?

Answer You may use the Adobe Flash Player version 10, to open Internet based images, videos and web-based trainings. This high performance program enables computer users to see computer screens as if they... Read More »

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What is a free program that can open UIF files Download links I need to open a 600mb fil, Thank You!?

MagicISO can open them, but it costs money.…Download the trial version and try this:…Or this:http://www.magiciso.... Read More »

When I try to open my local drives. It;s asking "Choose the program you want to use to open this file"?

i had the same sh*t and it wasnt a virus a friend came to my office and fixed but i couldn't see how he do it... but it was in regedit he said no virus

How to open PHP file and what program required to open it?

You either have an HTML document generated using PHP (in which case rename it so it has a .html file extension and open it in a web browser), or you have some PHP program code (in which case place ... Read More »

What is a Flash program?

A Flash program is an application written in ActionScript and distributed in SWF file format. Adobe Flash programs are included on webpages, providing rich multimedia and animations in Web browsers... Read More »