What program can i use to skin my winamp ?

Answer The best thing to do is try a quick Google search using the following keywords: create winamp skins You will get several links that can assist you, in both downloadable applications and tutorials... Read More »

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How to Download Winamp for Mac?

There is no production level WinAmp for the Apple Macintosh. However, you can download the beta at or, this will work on PowerPC Macs that run Mac OS X 10.4 or older... Read More »

How do I convert an MP3 to a WAV with Winamp 3?

Click "Options" on the Winamp menu bar. Select "Preferences," then click "Plugins" and Select "Output." Check the box next to "Nullsoft diskwriter" under the "Output Plugin" option. Click "Configur... Read More »

How to Update WinAmp 5.5?

WinAmp is one of the oldest computer audio programs that is still actively being updated. It is popular for its simple, clutter-free design and ability to play virtually any type of audio file than... Read More »

How to Convert a WMA to a MP3 in Winamp?

WMA, or Windows Media Audio files, are a file type specific to Windows-based machines. MP3, or MPEG-1 audio layer 3 files, are more universal music files that can be played on Windows and Mac compu... Read More »