What does aerobic respiration mean?

Answer Aerobic respiration is the process your cells use to extract energy from molecules of sugar or glucose. It uses oxygen as a reactant--hence, the term "aerobic," which refers to processes that requi... Read More »

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Are oxidation&aerobic respiration the same?

Oxidation is part of aerobic respiration but is not the same. According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, oxidation is the initial addition of oxygen to a substance, while aerobic respiration is t... Read More »

Aerobic Respiration in Animals?

Respiration is a catabolic biochemical process which involves the release of energy as a result of the breakdown of complex materials, such as proteins and lipids, within the organism. All the anim... Read More »

Aerobic Respiration Explained?

Cellular metabolism processes are essential for sustaining the life of an organism, be it plant, animal, or human. Aerobic respiration is an essential stage of metabolism, in which food materials a... Read More »

Aerobic Respiration Definition?

Aerobic respiration is the method used by our bodies to release energy into our cells. This is accomplished by a series of chemical processes in which our cells convert molecules of a simple sugar,... Read More »