What products are offered by agents under life insurance?

Answer Typical products offered by agents in this market include: whole life products; term products, such as universal, variable, and universal variable life insurance; and annuities

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Salary for Life Insurance Sales Agents?

In most cases, life insurance sales agents don't receive a salary. Instead, they receive a commission on the sale of insurance products. Initially, a life agent might receive a form of salary calle... Read More »

Do we need agents to purchase a life insurance policy?

On One Hand: You Can Buy Insurance OnlineMany insurance companies offer their products online and make them available for direct purchase from the consumer without the use of an insurance agent.On ... Read More »

Do life insurance agents work on saturday?

Life insurance agents sell insurance and, in some cases, other financial products. An insurance agent will work on Saturdays. The amount and type of work may vary. Some agents review paperwork.Educ... Read More »

Can an employer force an employee to take their health insurance offered after they've seen the benefits offered and don't like it?

NO, you do not have to take any ins offer'd at your place of employment