What processor fits a 754 socket?

Answer Socket 754 is used by AMD processors, including the desktop and mobile versions of the Athlon 64, the Turion 64, the Sempron and Sempron 64, the mobile Sempron and the Athlon XP. Before upgrading t... Read More »

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What CPU fits Socket 939?

Socket 939 is typically used with Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2 and Athlon FX microprocessors. Single and dual-core Opteron processors can also be used with Socket 939 architecture, as well as 939 Sempro... Read More »

Will a Am3+ processor fit into my am3 socket?

Yes, an AM3+ processor will fit, and work, just fine in an AM3 motherboard.

What processor is compatible with 754 socket?

Several AMD processors are compatible with Socket 754 motherboards including desktop and mobile Athlon 64 processors, the Turion 64, the mobile Athlon XP, desktop and mobile Sempron processors and ... Read More »

Whats the fastest dual core processor available that will fit a 775 socket?

you need to find out what cpus your board supports such as core 2 duo, pentium dual core or core 2 quad. if its an old board i think pentium dual core may be the best it supports, my last pc was li... Read More »