What process do plants use to make food from sunlight?

Answer photosynthesis

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Is Photosynthesis the Chemical Process by Which Green Plants Use Light Energy to Produce Food?

Photosynthesis is the complex process by which plants digest light, carbon dioxide and water to create sugar, a plant's primary food source. Phases of photosynthesis break down into two stages: lig... Read More »

What plants don't need direct sunlight?

Purple Swedish Ivy makes a great hanging plant. The underside of the leaf is purplish in color and when you brush up against the plant it give off a very neat fragrance.Spider plants also are anot... Read More »

What is the difference between sunlight&artificial light for plants?

All light travels through space in the form of photons, but not all light contains the same features. The Sun produces the most and best light for plants, but plants can also grow under man-made so... Read More »

How do plants grow without sunlight?

Growing plants without sunlight is possible using "grow lights" to replace sunlight.Regular incandescent lighting is the least efficient and least effective for plant growth. Fluorescent lights and... Read More »