What problems occur to a fetus who swallows amniotic fluid?

Answer AnswerWhile in-utero the fetus does swallow the amniotic fluid and they breathe the amniotic fluid it is how they practice for life outside the womb. There are no complications to this unless the f... Read More »

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Is this amniotic fluid leakingi had a sudden wet feeling and you went to the bathroom and nothing happened and the fluid has no smell to it?

It Protects The Baby Against Any Bump Or Damages To The Mother.SanjaySunjuu_Bunjuu!

How much amniotic fluid is in the amniotic sac?

The most volume is typically toward the end of gestation and is around 800 - 1000 mL in normal pregnancies.

What is amniotic fluid where is it and why is it there?

Amniotic fluid is a nourishing fluid found in the amniotic sac of the embryo. Its main function is nourishment of the embryo. Please refer to the related questions for detailed information on Amni... Read More »

Is this amniotic fluid?

It could be your water. It doesn't just gush out for every women. Some women just have it trickle and the flow of the liquid even depends on the position your body is in. Regardless, if your contra... Read More »