What problems does teen mothers face?

Answer Mostly diaper expenses, not being able to finish school and keep up with your job. its very normal for teen moms to face these issues....... hope i answered you question:)

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Teen mothers your thoughts?

You know... I had a similar thought...Im not sure why... I think it is stupid for someone to be labelled a "w.hor.e" if they have sex before..oh idk, what is the "acceptable age?"... 20??It all goe... Read More »

What does the government do for teen mothers?

AnswerWell in Australia if you are over 16 you will receive $3000 up front, for each child born, when you go into Centre Link to let them know that you have given birth. If under 16 the $3000 will ... Read More »

Should teen mothers keep their child?

It depends if they can take care of the child.Cause if they can they should, but if they cacn't they should'nt.This is something for each individual to answer for themselves.

How many babies are born to teen mothers?

Approximately 1,000,000 teens give birth each year.