What problems can premature babies have?

Answer Answer Premature babies can have many problems such as brain problems, health problems, and liver problems ='[[

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Is it rare for first timers to have premature babies?

No. Preterm birth has many causes including but not limited to age, health, and maternal background.

What causes premature babies?

Answer I had a premmie baby and I asked the midwife whist I was in labour exactly the same thing. She told me it can be a variety of different things like poor eating habits, high blood pressure, ... Read More »

What is difference between premature and full-term babies?

A full-term baby is born during or within the ninth month of pregnancy. A premature birth is an infant that is born earlier than the normal nine month period of pregnancy.

In what ways do Neonatal Nurses look after sick and premature babies?

Answer Usually when a baby is born the baby would go into the care center (many names for the baby room) but there are special rooms for sick and premature babies like the ICU (intesive care unit)... Read More »