What problems are associated in a field of a defense lawyer?

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What is a defense lawyer?

A defense lawyer is a legal advocate hired by, or assigned to, the accused during a trial. She is tasked with gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, researching precedents and vigorously defen... Read More »

Definition of a Defense Lawyer?

Defense lawyers play an important role of making sure that innocent defendants do not suffer the consequences of crimes they did not commit and that guilty defendants receive fair representation.

Defense Lawyer Job Description?

Attorneys within the legal system typically represent opposing sides of a criminal or civil case. Prosecuting attorneys are responsible for representing the victims of crime and their families, whi... Read More »

How to Become a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers speakerMaybe you grew up watching “Law and Order” and always found yourself identifying with the attorneys for the suspects, or perhaps you worry about the power ... Read More »