What problems are associated in a field of a defense lawyer?

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What is a defense lawyer?

A defense lawyer is a legal advocate hired by, or assigned to, the accused during a trial. She is tasked with gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, researching precedents and vigorously defen... Read More »

What is a criminal defense lawyer?

A criminal defense lawyer accepts the responsibility of representing a defendant--a person charged with committing a crime. Defendants may opt to have a criminal defense lawyer appointed by the cou... Read More »

What Are the Duties of a Defense Lawyer?

Whether hired by a defendant---the accused---or appointed to a defendant by the court, defense attorneys are tasked with assisting the accused in proving their innocence. While the burden of proof ... Read More »

Defense Lawyer Job Description?

Attorneys within the legal system typically represent opposing sides of a criminal or civil case. Prosecuting attorneys are responsible for representing the victims of crime and their families, whi... Read More »