What priest prayed over Mother Angelica?

Answer Father DeGrandis is the priest who prayed over Mother Angelica, the nun that "Time" dubbed as the most influential Catholic woman in the United States. After Father DeGrandis prayed for Mother Ange... Read More »

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What happened to mother angelica?

Mother Angelica was born Rita Antoinette Rizzo on April 20, 1923. After joining the Order of Poor Clares in 1944, she became a well-known conservative personality of the Catholic Church.Significan... Read More »

Is kosher food prayed over?

According to the website titled "Judaism 101," although kosher food may be blessed by those who eat it, these prayers are not what makes the food kosher. Certain Jewish dietary laws give the name k... Read More »

How can you naturally treat anxiety I've prayed for help, but nothing helps me.?

Here you go, and it works!Daily for an average size male follow this plan. It is from a chemist in the 50's and has got myself, son, and others away from medication.per/day (and may very to you), u... Read More »

My child is dying of diabetes, should I pray like I've never prayed before or pick up some insulin from Doc?

i hope you're asking this because you just seen that story .. and i hope that you're joking . yes ... i would take the child to the doctors ...immediately!!