What price did you pay for your first computer?

Answer i dont know, this is my boyfriends, he paid for it, hes the administrator im the standard user so i dont know the price he paid for it.

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What was your first computer?

My parents worked in one of the first Computer shops in Melbourne Australia so we had access to computers much earlier than most - Im 34 now and remember being about 12ish and we had a Commodore (o... Read More »

What was your very first computer?

Timex Sinclair 4k memory ( expandable to 16k) printer that printed only on special 3.5" wide paper. First "real computer Tandy CoCo One ( Color Computer One) 16m memory and a dotmatrix printer. Spe... Read More »

What was your FIRST computer system?

atari 400...had the hard plastic keyboard, had to really PRESS the could play cartridge games or program in BASIC. later, they added external floppy drives, cassette drives (to store those... Read More »

What was your first computer, mine was an amstrad?

That takes me back. Alan Sugar before he was a Sir. Mine was a shared IBM Thinkpad, not a great machine but it got me on the net.If we're talking pre-PC, I had a Spectrum + waaaaay back.