What president was responsible for inventing the swivel chair?

Answer Thomas Jefferson, the United States' third president, invented the swivel chair. After seeing a revolving Windsor chair in Europe, Jefferson improved on it by adding an arm and leg rest. Jefferson'... Read More »

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Which president invented the swivel chair and the dumbwaiter?

Thomas Jefferson, the fourth president of the United States, invented the swivel chair, dumbwaiter and a number of other items, such as the portable copying press, a bookstand and the Great Clock, ... Read More »

Which U.S. president invented the swivel chair and the folding ladder?

Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair, improving on the one he saw in Europe. He combined a Windsor chair with a leg rest and a writing arm, inventing a new piece of furniture. He also invente... Read More »

Who was responsible for modernizing the railroad&inventing the steam boiler furnace?

Granville T. Woods was an inventor who developed many ways of modernizing the railroad in the late 19th century. Among his inventions were a system for overhead electric conduction lines later used... Read More »

What is a swivel chair?

A swivel chair, also called a revolving chair, is a chair with one central leg that permits the chair to spin around. Swivel chairs serve as desk chairs, computer chairs, workmen chairs, bar stools... Read More »