What president is on the 5 dollar bill?

Answer Abraham Lincoln is on the five dollar bill, which got a new look in 2008 with added security features. Light purple and gray tones were introduced, as well as two new watermarks on each side of Lin... Read More »

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What president is on the 5,000 dollar bill?

United States president James Madison is pictured on the front of the $5,000 bill. The back of the $5,000 bill features George Washington resigning his commission. This bill was last printed in 194... Read More »

Which president is on the 10,000 dollar bill?

The $10,000 bill is the highest-denomination bill in United States currency that does not depict a president. The bill was made in 1918, 1928 and 1934 and features a portrait of Salmon P. Chase, wh... Read More »

What president is on the 5000 dollar bill?

The face of President James Madison was printed on the front of the $5,000 bill. The U.S. Treasury stopped printing these notes during World War II. They were used primarily by banks for transfer p... Read More »

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