What precautions should you take during early pregnancy?

Answer During early pregnency take maximum rest.Avoid excertion,Try to change your Life-style,Dont take pinapple.kind of fruit.Consult your doctor and follow the guidence.

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What can you take to relieve sore stomachs during early pregnancy?

Is it safe to take codistar during early stage of pregnancy?

Ask a doctor not random people in the internet who can pretend to be anyone!

How sore should breasts be during early pregnancy?

Answer Some women have extremely sore breasts, and some have no discomfort at all.with my first I could not bear to touch them, next time round they were fine.

How open should your cervix be during early pregnancy?

During early pregnancy your cervix should not .....repeat not be open (dilated) at all. Later in your third trimester you may become 1-2cm dilated, this is a sign that labor is near.