My younger sister has been annoying me for months I want to pull a prank on her but what?

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How to Pull the Key Prank?

If you are a pulling prank kind of person this is the prank for you. This prank is kind of simple.

How to Pull the "Gullible" Prank?

This is an easy and stupid prank. Use it to find out who's gullible.

How to Pull a Prank on Windows?

BSoD Kernel PanicOne of the most frustrating things to see as a computer user is the dreaded " Kernel Panic" or "Blue Screen Of Death" while working on something important. Some very inventive, and... Read More »

How to Pull the Tape Prank?

In This prank you are going to use scotch tape to annoy someone by putting it on things they often touch. When you put tape on something sticky side out then someone touches it - it will really ann... Read More »