What port in the back of a PC is most likely used for a printer?

Answer Most printers connect to the computer via a universal serial bus (USB) port. USB ports are flat, have no visible pin holes and are approximately a half-inch long. Early computers used 25-pin parall... Read More »

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What is the BD HDMI port on the back of my Amp for?

BluRay has two codexes for Audio that can not be carried over optical or digital sp/dif connections. They can be carried with HDMI. If your receiver can decode those (dts-hd and dolby true hd), t... Read More »

What USB port on the back of my computer do I hook my printer to?

Well you should be able to hook it into any of the USB ports.if you her something like DA-DA (musical) then the pc recognized itif you here something like DA-DO then it has been disconnectedif you ... Read More »

Back-feed Dial tone through existing wall port?

Yes, that is the correct way to use the back-feed method,by disconnecting the old service,you can use the in house wiring.If you would like to use a phone at the location of the modem,plug a 2way a... Read More »

I have an asus n56vm-tb71 laptop which has a VGA port and an HDMI port. Can I extend to two monitors?

Yes. All you need do is open your graphics properties and set up dual display mode.