What port in the back of a PC is most likely used for a printer?

Answer Most printers connect to the computer via a universal serial bus (USB) port. USB ports are flat, have no visible pin holes and are approximately a half-inch long. Early computers used 25-pin parall... Read More »

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What Is the Most Widely Used Port Scanning Tool?

Port scanning tools are software tools used to remotely explore computers connected to a network -- otherwise known as hosts -- for ports, or communication channel endpoints, that are available for... Read More »

Which famous person on twitter will most likely follow back?

I followed Trevor Jackson this guy out of let it shine and I didn't even ask for a Folllow he just followed me, and I asked for a follow back from Coco Jones and she favourited the tweet and follow... Read More »

What frequencies or color of light are most likely blocked by those ovens that used glass or other material to contain heat?

In Europe you cannot bye an oven using 110 volts. The word is not only the USA.Actually, most US electric ranges use 220 volts. Microwave ovens and toaster ovens are 110.

Are most Russian babies most likely to be born deformed?