What are some Trendy new songs like the ones from 90210, Gossip Girl and Popular songs to add to my ipod?

Answer I like your taste.Try artists like Rihanna (I Love the song 'Live Your Life')Colbie Caillat (Her song Magic was featured on Gossip Girl) A Rocket To The MoonChristina Aguleria (New Album)Britney Sp... Read More »

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What are some of the the most popular songs right now ?

Battle - Step By Step! it korean but the dance move r sooooooo kool at 1.56 - 2.04 xP

What are some popular songs that i can put on my ipod. im 13 and yeah!! HURYYYYY?

thats not my nameboom boom powkiss me thru the phonei do not hook uphe could b the 1love gamefire burninu belong w/ medont trust mesidewaysgives u hellday n nitehaloswing (solja boy not the country... Read More »

What are some songs about living in a fantasy/false life about love?

My favorites are:Anita Baker "Fairy Tales""Fairytale" - Sara Bareilles Lavigne - My Happy Ending

What does ESPN have to do in order to play popular songs on its channel?! They make them and ship next day too! We uploaded a photo ordered the Slims which are the big heads on a stick. 3 for $11.99.