What pollutants are released during wood fires?

Answer What can be cozier than curling up alongside a wood fire during a cold evening? Despite its romantic image, wood fires are a potential source of health issues linked to the pollutants released duri... Read More »

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Fun Things to Do to Wood Fires?

Fire is a dangerous force that commands a healthy level of respect, but you can still have a little fun around one. Keep in mind that fires are hot and you shouldn't throw random objects into them.... Read More »

During which stage is CO2 released during cellular respiration?

Carbon dioxide is released in cellular respiration during the breakdown of glucose. When glucose is oxidized, the oxygen forms water, while the atoms of the sugar molecule form carbon dioxide and ... Read More »

What gas is released during photosynthesis?

Oxygen gets released as a product of photosynthesis. Organisms that rely on photosynthesis use carbon dioxide and water to produce glucose and oxygen gas is given off as a byproduct.References:Clin... Read More »

What are xenobiotic pollutants?

Xenobiotic pollutants are forms of pollution that enter into an ecosystem through human interference, generally as chemicals produced by factories and farming. These pollutants can be incredibly ha... Read More »