What poisonous element is used in medicine&rat poison?

Answer Arsenic, a traditional rat poison, is currently used to treat leukemia and bone marrow disorders. In the past, it was also used to treat the sexually-transmitted disease syphilis, until being repla... Read More »

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Why is Sodium Fluoride used in Tooth Paste if its also used in Rat Poison?

You shouldn't swallow toothpaste because of this, but about the rat poison ... Here is a link where people are discussing this…

What element is used in transistors?

Silicon is the element used most in transistors. Transistors have three sections: the emitter, the base and the collector. Each is made of silicon, but the base has an impurity added that imparts ... Read More »

What element is used in mag wheels?

There are two elements in mag wheels: magnesium and aluminum. The combination of the two elements makes an alloy that is used to construct the wheels. A mag wheel is also known as an alloy wheel.... Read More »

What element is used in photography?

Certainly more than one element is used in photography (and everything else too!). But silver is an important element in photography, although not so much now as in the past.