What ply should tires have for a ford ranger?

Answer On One Hand: Heavy Vehicle UseIf a Ford Ranger is going to be used for heavy loads or off-road use, a higher numerical value of ply would be more appropriate for tires. The higher the ply, the stro... Read More »

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Can I put 16 inch tires on a Ford Ranger?

Although 15-inch wheels are standard for the 2010 Ford Ranger, you can place larger tires on your truck. The optional tire size you can use is 235/70-16. Tires that are 17 and 18 inches also can be... Read More »

What size tires fit a ford ranger truck?

The Ranger has rolled off the Ford Motor Co. assembly line since 1982. According to the Ford Ranger specifications, the tire size is P225/70Rx15 on a 15-inch wheel. The 2010 model has the option of... Read More »

Will a 2.3 Ford car motor fit in a Ford Ranger?

The Ford 2.3 L four cylinder engine has been used in a number of Ford vehicles, including the Ford Ranger pickup, since 1989. While the engine is the same design and platform as the car, some acces... Read More »

How to Tow a Ford Ranger?

Towing vehicles requires a familiarity with the vehicle's drive train, unless you are towing it on a flatbed trailer. While some vehicles can be towed with all four wheels on the ground, others mus... Read More »