What player plays WMV files?

Answer Windows Media Player plays WMV files. WMV is an acronym for "Windows Media Video." It is a compression format that Microsoft developed for distributing video files online. Microsoft also released a... Read More »

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Can home dvd player with mp4 plays files like avi and divx and rmvb any brand to recommend too?

if you're burning a Video DVD it pretty much doesn't matter. if you're burning a video onto a CD then you should get a DVD player that has a DivX icon on it. i recommend Phillips.

How to Convert iTunes Movie Files to Media Player Files?

With all of the different media playing devices available, it can become quite cumbersome to maintain a library of just one format. There are .avi, .mpeg, .vob, .mwv, .mp4 and more available. Som... Read More »

How to Transfer WMA Files to MP3 Files in Windows Media Player?

Since Windows Media Player cannot directly convert a WMA to an MP3 file, a roundabout process must be taken to complete this task. In order to transfer a WMA file into a MP3 file, you must first bu... Read More »

Is there a maximum size for .mkv files given your Blu Ray Player can play .mkv files?

I do not think the MKV file size matters. When you burn MKV to DVD, do your simply convert the file into DVD without transcode codec? Or you have convert MKV to DVD in VOB format (MPEG-2)? Both of ... Read More »