What plants were used as medicines in the Scottish Highlands?

Answer This is just an overview of some of the things used for healing and their uses. It is by no means complete: Alder bark - gentle laxativeAsh leaves - rheumatoid arthritisAsh bark - laxativeBirch ba... Read More »

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What plants were once used as herbs to treat liver ailments?

What Medicines are Used for Arthritis?

Several types of medications are used to treat arthritis. The choice depends on the type and severity of the arthritis, but the goal for all patients is to relieve symptoms and improve joint functi... Read More »

What are the two groups of medicines used by doctors to fight microbes?

Do vegans use medicines which were obviously once tested on animals?

VOCs or vegans of conveneince will use medicine when they need it. No a real vegan should not a use a medicine that was tested on an animal. If a vegan uses a medication, vaccination or what not th... Read More »