What plants were once used as herbs to treat liver ailments?

Answer liverworts

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Can herbs be used to heal minor ailments?

Sure, sometimes.Keep in mind there are thousands of different types of ailments, and thousands of different kinds of herbs.Not every ailment can be helped, and not every herb is effective. Try and... Read More »

What kinds of herbs are used to treat colds and flu?

Colds and flu can be difficult to treat. Many medicines can help, but they can cause drowsiness. However, herbal remedies are available. These natural remedies are not medically tested and should ... Read More »

What herbs can be used to treat mental handicap?

It would depend on the cause. Mental handicap is sometimes caused by brain damage sustained in life, or by defective genes. In these cases, it is irreversible and there are no treatments. Mental re... Read More »

Anyone used Vitilax to treat vitiligo what were your results?

I know how you feel :( I'm 18 and do not remember a time that I did not have it.Depending on your severity, There are creams can restore pigment. I DIDN'T HAVE SUCCESS WITH ANY DRUG to reverse it.D... Read More »