What plants that have yellow flowers?

Answer Daffodils, dandelions, buttercups, tulips, lilies; in fact many flowers. I have often wondered why so many yellow flowered plants blossom at the same time, and the same with other colours.

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Do marijuana plants have yellow flowers?

Marijuana plants have greenish-white flowers, with male and female flowers growing on separate plants. However, marijuana may be confused with the sulfur cinquefoil, which has similar-looking leave... Read More »

How do plants that have no flowers reproduce?

Non flower producing plants like ferns, reproduce via spores. Certain flowering plants can also reproduce asexually using; bulbs, stolons, runners or plantlets.

Can you name 5 plants that have no flowers?

What is the name of a plant with a small yellow five petal star shaped flowers with one yellow leaf beneath the flowers?

Herbs will suddenly grow tall, flower and produce seeds then die when it gets too hot for them. That is what it means for a plant to bolt.