What plants produce the most sugar?

Answer I think its the sugarcane

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Can hybrid plants that dont produce seed still pollinate other plants?

yes. in most (highly) hybridized plants seeds are produced but are either infertile or the genetics of the plant prohibit successful fertilization and the production of seed.this is very common occ... Read More »

What kind of plants produce flowers?

Flowering plants are angiosperms. With more than 250,000 species, angiosperms make up 80 percent of the living plant species. Flowering plants can be bushes, trees and climbers, as well as perennia... Read More »

What do plants produce as a result of photosynthesis?

Plants produce their own food as a result of photosynthesis, which usually takes place in the leaves. Plants use light energy, water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and glucose, according to S... Read More »

From What plants can you produce vegetable rennet?

Seeds of Withania coagulans (Solanaceae family). Also called vegetable rennet ; paneer band, paneer dodi, Tukhm-e-Hayat (urdu and persian)