What plants need nitrogen?

Answer All Plants need Nitrogen... Plants need nitrogen in the form of nitrates and ammonia to make proteins.All plants. Nitrogen is required for lush, healthy green leaves. Some plants require more nitr... Read More »

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Do Plants Use Nitrogen to Make Nitrogen Gas?

Nitrogen, or N2, is the most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere. It's also an essential nutrient for life; the form found in the atmosphere, however, is relatively inert and thus difficult for plan... Read More »

Household Items to Add Nitrogen to Plants?

Household items that add nitrogen to plants are primarily vegetable and fruit scraps added to soil after composting. Coffee grounds are a good source of kitchen waste rich in nitrogen. Gray water f... Read More »

Plants With a Lack of Nitrogen?

There are approximately 16 elements required to keep a plant healthy and producing well. Among the most important, and required in relatively large doses, is nitrogen. A number of health problems m... Read More »

Experiments on the Effects of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Plants?

Nitrogen fertilizer does not only affect the plants it is applied to. It also affects the soil the plants are in and the animals that eat nitrogen-fertilized plants. Clinical study results have sho... Read More »