What plants live without water?

Answer Air ferns live without soil or water but they do need misting daily. These ferns are usually attached to an object like driftwood. They like humidity. You can find these in hardware stores or nurse... Read More »

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Can tomato plants live&survive in water without soil?

On One Hand: Tomatoes Grow Well in Water-Based SystemsTomatoes can grow in water-based systems if they receive the right mix of nutrients, according to University of Arizona agriculture experts. Hy... Read More »

What Plants Live Out of the Water in Long Island Sound?

Long Island Sound is an estuary situated between the northern shore of Long Island, New York and the southern shore of Connecticut. Several rivers drain into the saltwater bay, including the Connec... Read More »

What Plants Only Live in Water With Beta Fish?

Besides breathing through water, Betta fish have a lung-like organ that allows them to breathe air above the water line. Because of this the natural habitat of Betta fish is shallower water among w... Read More »

Do any plants live without air?

Plants that live without carbon dioxide are known as holoparasitic plants or mycoheterophytes. Both plants attach directly to the host. These parasitic plants feed off the host plant or tree that s... Read More »