What plants like alkaline soils?

Answer In a way, yes. Some seeds germinate only when covered with soil, but the actual triggering mechanism depends on the wavelength of light reaching the seed. Seeds that germinate in "darkness" require... Read More »

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Will peonies grow in alkaline soils?

Peonies will grow in all types of soil, but they thrive in soil with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5, which straddles the border between low acidity and low alkalinity, since a pH of 7 is classified as neutral.... Read More »

Alkaline Plants?

Plants growing in alkaline soils have a difficult time absorbing nutrients; these nutrients can include magnesium and iron. A deficiency in nutrients can lead to yellowing leaves and poor growth. P... Read More »

High Alkaline Plants?

Alkalinity and acidity are the extremes of the pH scale. Plants generally prefer soils that are slightly acidic or slightly alkaline -- usually with a pH range of 6 to 7. Some plant varieties thriv... Read More »

Alkaline Soil Loving Plants?

There are many plants that thrive in alkaline soil without sacrificing their vibrant blooms. Grown in a wide range of shapes and sizes, alkaline soils have a pH level above 7.0 and contain more lim... Read More »