What plants have a bad smell?

Answer Plants that have bad smells are: SKUNK CABBAGE - Symplocarpus foetidus VOODOO LILY -Amorphophallus konjac SOCIETY GARLIC - Tulbaghia violacea CORPSE FLOWER - TITAN ARUM - Amorphophallus titanum... Read More »

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How to Hide the Smell of Marijuana Plants?

Due to the recent boom in marijuana users in the the US and the UK, many people are starting to grow their own, as it is more cost effective and generally fun to do. However as much as we would wan... Read More »

Do green house plants have a smell?

Green foliage house plants generally do not have a smell. However, if the soil drains poorly and becomes waterlogged, the plant may begin having a "musty" or stale smell. To remedy this, water the... Read More »

Do the flowers of carnivorous plants smell bad?

The flowers of carnivorous plants do not smell bad. Most carnivorous plants, such as the venus flytrap and the pitcher plant utilize sweet-smelling nectars to attract insects to be eaten. While som... Read More »

My farts smell like petunias. Should I stop eating the hosue plants?

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