What plants grow in Minnesota and when do you plant them?

Answer Only icicles grow in Minnesota, just kidding! There are too many things to list so if you just moved to MN most of the local nursery and greenhouses are going to only stock plants, trees and shrubs... Read More »

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How do I grow plants with plant lamps?

Choose lightingChoose the proper lighting. Plants need wide-spectrum light, so choose a grow light that meets the plant's specific needs. Florescent grow lights typically give off more of the lig... Read More »

What are some easy plants you can plant and they grow?

HostasPetuniasDaisiesMarigoldsSnap dragonsColumbineMorning GlorySpider PlantsSunflowersPortulacarose bushesWandering Jew PlantLilies of the Valleyall very easy to plant and take care of

How to Plant & Grow Acerola Plants?

The acerola, which is often called a Barbados cherry or a West Indian or Antilles cherry, is a tropical plant that produces berries that have the highest vitamin C content measured in any fruit. G... Read More »

Do plants grow at different rates when given different plant food?

There is strong evidence that using some form of fertilizer (plant food) will spur the growth of plants. There is no evidence that a certain brand or type of plant food will cause plants to grow fa... Read More »