What plants grow in France and what do they need?

Answer the flowers bushes and trees.

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What plants grow in France?

Plants like beautiful flowers even the white roseapplesgrapespearsAnswer .Any plants that grow will grow in France given the right conditions. You need to understand the needs of the plant, give it... Read More »

What are some easy plants you can plant and they grow?

HostasPetuniasDaisiesMarigoldsSnap dragonsColumbineMorning GlorySpider PlantsSunflowersPortulacarose bushesWandering Jew PlantLilies of the Valleyall very easy to plant and take care of

What do terrarium plants need to grow?

Terrariums are a low-maintenance collection of plants grown indoors in a container. Knowing what terrariums plants need to grow will ensure the longevity and success of your terrarium.SoilTerrarium... Read More »

What do plants need to grow faster?

Answer 40 degree heat and good watering