What plants does salt kill?

Answer Please see related link below.well i think most land plants would be killed but of course not anything in the ocean that's all the info i can give you.

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Will putting salt down to kill slugs harm the plants?

Answer Use caution when using salt - it will kill any plants it touches (as well as the slugs). It is better to use a mixer of water and salt, or even seaweed spread and make a barrier around your... Read More »

When backwashing a salt water pool will the water kill plants and flowers?

Answer Ok, the answer is yes, depending on what plants you are talking about, if you are talking about epsom salts that is a good thing for some plants. Also magnesium, and try to direct your pool ... Read More »

What effect does rock salt have on plants?

The principal chemical in rock salt is sodium chloride, but it also contains cyanide and chloride. Exposure to rock salt is damaging to plants and can cause stunted leaf growth, scorching of the le... Read More »

What effect does epsom salt have on plants?

When Epsom salt is used in conjunction with regular garden fertilizer, the effects on a plant's growth can be impressive. A dose of Epsom salt added to mineral-depleted soil is an inexpensive way t... Read More »