What plants can be grown in vermiculite?

Answer nto enough light and try checking the water you have to water them alot for it to grow properly not enough light can be a problem but if you are using 400 watts or above you should be getting enoug... Read More »

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Can shrimp plants be grown in the sun?

Shrimp plants are drought-resistant and do well in direct sunlight. Unlike most houseplants, you can grow the shrimp plant in the sun. Popular types are the "Yellow queen" and maroon-colored ones, ... Read More »

Plants Grown in Salt Water?

Plants which grow in salt water are called halophytes, whereas plants which need fresh water are called glycophytes. Salt water plants make up only around 2 percent of all of the known plant specie... Read More »

Can roses be grown as house plants?

Yes. But keep them by a window and make sure they have a good size pot for roots. Make sure to water them! Good Luck!

What were the original plants grown using hydroponics?

water is essential for every plant. so, no plant will be grow without water,thus the original plants grown using hydroponics,