What plants are unsafe for pets?

Answer Poinsettia and Oleander and the seeds of a cardboard palm tree are toxic to mammals.Dumbcane and rubber plants are also toxic.

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Are hydrangea plants poisonous to pets?

If your cat or dog nibbles a hydrangea plant, it could be in for some stomach upset. Hydrangea plants are toxic to cats, dogs and horses, according to the ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center. Alth... Read More »

Are bonsai plants toxic to pets?

Because bonsais consist of different plants, health effects from their ingestion depend entirely on the plant type. There are some bonsai plants, such as the cycads, that are lethal to pets. It's b... Read More »

Poisonous House Plants for Pets?

Many houseplants are poisonous and can even be deadly to your pets. These houseplants will brighten up your home, but some of these plants should be avoiding if you have furry loved ones. Symptoms ... Read More »

Are hosta plants poisonous to pets?

On One Hand: Hosta is Toxic to Some AnimalsWhile the hosta is cultivated as a delicacy in Japan, and is considered safe for human consumption, it is toxic to certain animals. The chemical saponin, ... Read More »