What plants are in the mint family?

Answer Answer Catnip, many culinary herbs such as oregano, basil, thyme, and also lavender and salvias are among the plants in the family Lamiaceae - the mint family.Some varieties are Peppermint, Spearmi... Read More »

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Plants of the Mint Family?

The mint family of plants, or Labiatae, has around 180 genus with 3500 species, at least 50 of which are found in North America. Mint family plants have square stalks with opposite leaves, and tend... Read More »

List of Plants in the Mint Family?

While the name "mint" may bring to mind the flavors of biting peppermint or refreshing spearmint, mint plants encompass a wide range of popular culinary herbs. The Lamiaceae family, also known as l... Read More »

How do I use mint plants?

GarnishPut the finishing touch on a salad or cooked dish by sprinkling it with whole or chopped mint leaves. Place a sprig of mint in beverage glasses just before serving.Tabouli SaladHarvest mint ... Read More »

How to Buy Mint Plants?

Whether you are preparing to follow a recipe that calls for fresh mint, or you want to add mint to your herb garden, having a fresh mint plant in your kitchen or yard can offer aroma, taste and con... Read More »