What plants are found in Thailand?

Answer marijuana, poppy, rice

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What plants are found in the US that are not found anywhere else?

there are alot of plants in the usa that you cannot find anywhere else but there. just look and you will find some!

Where are native tea plants found?

Tea plants (Camellia sinensis) are native to the slopes of the Himalayas and southern China. Tea is an ancient cultivated plant that has spread throughout the tropical world. It now grows in more t... Read More »

Is apatite found in plants?

Apatite is a mineral present in small amounts in rocks and large amounts in bones. It is not found in plants. However, apatite contains phosphorus, which is a commonly used fertilizer. As apatite i... Read More »

What kind of plants are found in the desert?

The plants that exist in the American desert biome include a number of cacti like the barrel and prickly pear cactus, as well as trees and shrubs such as the mesquite tree, creosote bush and junipe... Read More »