What plant would grow in two weeks?

Answer Answer Mint grows very fast and very thick. It's also a great plant to have with many uses. Answer If you want a vegetable that grows quickly, you can harvest some radishes two weeks after sowing t... Read More »

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Would it be o.k. to grow a canabis plant for personal use or would i get nicked.?

Don't know, but can you sell me an eighth? I'm gagging.

What would cause a plant to grow skinny stems?

Answer Have you trimmed it back lately? Plants become "leggy" when they are allowed to grow too long without being clipped. It may seem counterintuitive, but you should really snap off the long s... Read More »

How well would a plant grow without fertilizer?

if you are growing a normal plant native to your area; it will grow just fine without fertilizer. but if you are growing an exotic plant indoors or in a greenhouse it will not do as well without al... Read More »

How well would a plant grow in a pure yellow light?